5th Annual
Run/Walk for Dom
& ALS Research
September 16, 2017

About ALS.net

ALS.net is the #1 nonprofit biotechnology organization dedicated to developing effective treatments for ALS.
All of the proceeds from the Run/Walk for Dom go to ALS.net

"At ALS.net, we have one urgently important goal: to end ALS. We envision a future where patients no longer die from ALS and where today's patients are alive, well, and enjoying the company of their children and grandchildren. We are committed to creating and leading a transparent collaborative research process that involves ALS patients today and honors those whose journey with this disease has ended. We are guided by passion, love and the spirit of entrepreneurship upon which we were founded."

  • Charity Rating

    ALS.net has a 4 star rating with a total score of 96.46 from charitynavigator.org

  • Veterans and ALS

    A 2005 study found that veterans are 60% more likely to contract ALS than the general population, regardless of when they served.

  • ALS.net Promise

    ALS.net is 100% focused on finding treatments to end ALS.

To date, our supporters have raised $75,000 for ALS research.

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